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Passionate About Empowering Women

I'm a Certified Life & Relationship Coach and a Hypnotherapist. I work with ambitious career-driven women to help them overcome their inner-critic and self-doubt so they can thrive in their love life, career, and overall health.

Growing up I always consider myself to be a strong, independent, and ambitious woman; yet I was secretly enduring crippling anxiety and self-doubt. During my 20's I hit two rounds of depression - what I now coin as my "quarter-life crisis." I managed to overcome it thinking it was all behind me. Anytime I felt a hint of sadness I would shove my emotions to the side and instead put all of my focus and energy on my career. This approach worked, as I found myself moving up the corporate ladder, but only for a while. You see, suppressing my emotions caused me to attract toxic relationships, both in my personal and professional life, and it also took a toll on my health. I also realized that all the self-help books I was reading were only agitating me because I would read them and feel motivated, but nothing would change in terms of my own conduct and what showed up for me. My turning point happened for me in my 30's when I ended an abusive marriage with a man who has Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). Now, being a single mom, the stakes were much higher and I so badly wanted lasting change in my life for the better. I came to realized that nothing will change on the outside for me until I first address what's happening on the inside. When I finally began to do my inner-work that's when my life began to transform rapidly for the better on the outside.

So, you've come to the right place if you're looking to unlock your hidden powers within yourself and transform your life towards a better trajectory. I can tell you from experience that when you effectively interrupt your inner-critic and instead boost up your inner-cheerleader then you'll only be limited by what you can imagine. Instead of doubting yourself, you'll expand into your own potential and have the kind of love, success, and wellbeing you desire - and deserve. The crippling anxiety and self-doubt that I carried all these years were due to my subconscious programming.


Your mind is your faithful servant and it's here to serve you. Think of your mind in this way, your conscious mind is your "goal-setter" and your subconscious mind is your "goal-getter." When the two are aligned then you achieve your desires much more effortlessly. However, when your subconscious programming does not align with your conscious desires, then you experience 'the struggle' between the two. So that's why none of the self-help books were having any lasting impact because they were only influencing my conscious mind with little to no impact on my subconscious programming.


So what can cause misalignment between your conscious and subconscious mind?

Well, there can be a number of reasons. Perhaps it's learned behaviour programmed in your subconscious mind from when you were a child or perhaps you've experienced chronic stress or trauma at some point in your life. When you feel stuck or 'the struggle' in your career, love life, or health, then you have to wonder if it's time to revisit and rewrite your programming to help you move forward towards your potential.

Your mind is not bound to operate in a linear manner. With the power of your mind, while in a heightened state of subconscious awareness, you are able to go back in time to your childhood and reassign meaning to past experiences. You are able to neutralize and heal from any past hurt. With the power of your mind, you can even project onto the future and create your desired life from your imagination. And with the power of your mind, you can shift your awareness to anywhere within your own self and anywhere in Universe to explore and expand into your potential.


Understanding Is Power

Early in your childhood, you formed your 'core beliefs'. But are they still serving you? At such a young age you assigned meanings to the events that unfolded early in your life during your formative years. Those meanings that you assigned then formed your core beliefs. Now you are operating from beliefs you formed between the age 0 - 7yrs old. You are either empowered by those core beliefs - or limited by them.


Understanding In A State Of Hypnosis Is Transformational

You are made up of energy and so is everything else in this entire Universe. Energy runs through all of us so it's important you know how to interact with it. Your thoughts, feeling, beliefs, and actions all carry energy. You have the potential to transform your current situation in the blink of an eye. You just need someone who can help guide you through your transformation so you can be in command of your own brilliant mind and unlock your potential. Someone who can help transform you quickly and permanently.

Certifications & Qualifications

I am a Certified Rori Raye Life & Relationship Coach. My training with Rori helped me to gain a deeper understanding of masculine and feminine energy. It's an energy dynamic that exists within all of us and our interactions with ourselves and the world creates an energy exchange. That energy exchange is either an empowered or wounded energy exchange. In order to step into your power, it's imperative that you know how to create balance and harmony in this energy exchange. 


I continued my education and trained in Rapid Transformational Therapy, instructed by Marisa Peer. This granted me a deeper understanding of how the subconscious mind works. Through this training, I learned how to instantly locate the root cause of my client's struggles and interrupt any limiting beliefs stored in there, as well as install new powerful core beliefs that are better serving them.

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