Attracting Love Is Effortless

Attracting love is an effortless process.

Yet you might be experiencing quite the opposite.

It could be that you have a pattern of attracting partners that are emotionally unavailable, toxic, narcissistic, or even abusive.

Although we desire everlasting love, sometimes our belief systems, deep within our inner core, are not congruent with those desires.

At your inner core, you store your belief systems that have developed over the years. So as a result what you believe at your inner core is what you’re continually attracting into your life, as a way of validating your belief, which may actually be blocking you from what you desire – if the two are not congruent!

Here are a couple of examples:

  • You believe you’re not enough – so you attract a narcissistic partner.

  • You have a fear of intimacy – so you attract an emotionally unavailable partner.

You’ll want to start combating these limiting beliefs, with positive affirmations and visualizations as they are both very good daily practices, however, that mainly impact your conscious mind.

To ensure there is congruency between both your conscious mind and subconscious mind, you’ll also want to generate feelings that reflect your affirmations and visualizations.

Why is that?

That’s because your conscious mind is your thinking mind and your subconscious mind is your emotional mind. your subconscious mind also stores all of your beliefs that are programmed within you.

So if you’re thinking you want to attract true love, but you’re feeling that you’re not worthy of it – then it’s going to create disharmony and incoherence in your mind and energy. Because what you think and what you feel are at odds with one another.

How can you address your subconscious mind in order to bring your inner core beliefs in line with your desires?

One way to strengthen your core beliefs is to have a daily mindful meditation practice so that you work through any limiting beliefs you might be experiencing.

Here are four affirmations that address some of the most common limiting beliefs that are at the core of almost all the clients I work with:

  1. I am worthy of love.

  2. I am enough.

  3. I trust my instincts.

  4. I am abundant.

During your daily meditation, I want you to:

  • Repeat these affirmations;

  • Visualize them;

  • AND lastly, I want you to truly FEEL the love, your worthiness, acceptance, abundance, and whatever else your heart desires!

Making this your daily practice for at least 21 days (3-wks) is enough to break old patterns. However, I would suggest continuing to practice this meditation for a while longer.

Why??? Because breaking patterns is only half the battle. What you want also is it to form new patterns that are serving you better.

You will begin to notice that things are going to start shifting for you. The wheels will begin to be in motion in the direction of attracting love into your life, tunning into your intuition more, and attracting abundance.

Needless to say, That’s going to feel very new and unfamiliar to you… only at first!

Keeping up with the mindful meditation practice, beyond the first 21-days, even as you’re manifesting the things you desire into your life will keep you strong in your core and prevent you from reverting back into your old patterns.

Over time, once you achieve this congruency within yourself and you’ve strengthened your inner core – you can effortlessly attract everlasting love (or anything for that matter).


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